Monday, December 04, 2006

Another Campus Outrage: This Time Columbia University

Yesterday, we relayed to you the story about Tom Tancredo's visit to Michigan State University. That story had made it around the blogosphere for a couple of days prior to my post.

Today, Matt Sanchez, a corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve and a junior at Columbia University, writes in the NY Post about his experiences on the "hyper-tolerant" campus.

December 4, 2006 -- Did you hear the one about the Marines that Columbia University invited to campus for Fleet Week?

Not any time in the last few decades, you didn't.

But you might have heard the one about the Marine who was told by a fellow Columbia student that he was stupid for joining the military because he's Hispanic and didn't realize he was being used for cannon fodder.

It's actually kind of funny - but when it happened to me during Columbia's Activities Day last year, I was fighting mad. Not because I was publicly humiliated in front of several hundred of my fellow classmates (any devil dog who has spent a summer on Parris Island gets used to insults), but because of what the incident showed about New York's most prestigious university.

On the surface, Columbia is all for diversity (good, very good) and completely opposed to intolerance (bad, really bad). On any given day, eager undergrads can speak out for Starbucks employees forced to make coffee with non-ergonomic espresso machines, or call for the school to install non-gender-specific bathrooms.

Sanchez goes on about the tolerance double-standard as it devolves from the administration.

Read Sanchez' entire piece here.

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