Friday, December 08, 2006

FL-13 Update: Presidential Hopeful Evan Bayh Enters FL Through District 13

Adam Smith of the Buzz reports that Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh is weighing in on the side of Christine Jennings.

Indiana Sen. and likely '08 presidential candidate Evan Bayh is the latest Democrat to jump to Christine Jennings' defense in CD 13. He's asking his e-mail list to donate money to "help Christine protect our fundamental right to a free and fair election."

"This under-voting, combined with numerous statements from voters who reported machine malfunctions on Election Day - including machines that would not register votes cast for Christine - make it clear that thousands of voters were denied a voice in an election that has been certified for Republican Vern Buchanan by less than 500 votes."

You'll be satisfied to know that the first couple of comments to the post were hard on Bayh. His money would be better spent in Iowa and NH.

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