Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bonior to lead Edwards Campaign

Remember him? Well, it looks like he's back again. No, he won't be yelling at us from the floor of the House.

It looks as if David Bonior has signed on to lead the presidential campaign of John Edwards - that would be the one that doesn't exist yet.

(AP) Former Rep. David Bonior, a one-time leader in Congress who has close ties to labor unions, has signed on to manage a future John Edwards presidential campaign.

Edwards hasn't announced a repeat of his 2004 presidential bid yet, but an Edwards adviser said Thursday that Bonior will run the effort if Edwards decides to run. In the meantime, Bonior has signed on as a senior adviser to Edwards' leadership PAC, the One America Committee.

Bonior strong ties to organized labor should help Edwards with this important Democratic target group.

One can only imagine Bonior meeting up with a candidate Gingrich on the campaign trail in mid-2008. Remember what Rep. Bonior was up to in 1996?

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