Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cancer or Not, the end is near for Castro

A Spanish doctor, Jose Luis Garcia, held a press conference in Madrid on Tuesday to issue his findings during a visit to Cuba last week. Here is a summary of his statement:

For now, no more surgeries are being considered.

Castro is in stable condition after the very serious surgery.

His mental condition is ''exceptional and fantastic,'' and he has a surprising ability to recount historical anecdotes.

His recovery includes nutrition and physical therapy.

This was the first time he examined Castro, but they had met previously.

The president of the Madrid regional government made the obvious observation:

''If the comandante has to ask for help . . . what happens to the rest of the Cuban citizens, especially the political prisoners?'' Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Madrid regional government, said on Spanish TV.

Even if Garcia is correct, the end is clearly near for the Cuban dictator. The real question: Is the U.S. prepared for this eventuality?

AFP tells us that Cubans were kept in the dark about the doctor's statement. Big surprise!
Tightly controlled state media published no news Tuesday of the Spanish surgeon's health update on the ailing leader.

Good News - FL leaders re-affirm support for embargo:
With Fidel Castro's health waning, Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov.-elect Charlie Crist and other federal and state officials reaffirmed their support of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba in hopes it will lead to the communist government's downfall upon his death.

Business Week looks ahead to post-Castro Cuba:
Castro's illness has generated much debate among Cuban exiles and the Bush Administration over what would happen on the Caribbean island of 11 million people if Castro, the world's longest-reigning leader, were to die in the coming weeks or months. Here's an analysis of possible scenarios: Read here!!

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