Friday, December 08, 2006

English First Sets-up Campaign to Stop Martinez from Taking RNC Chair

English First has created a project aimed at derailing the nomination of Mel Martinez to chair the RNC. That motto at is "The wrong choice in any language." English First is comparing Martinez to another Bush nominee:

"Mel Martinez is Spanish for Harriet Miers."
Some more points from the website:

''Sen. Martinez is wrong on official English and wrong on amnesty for illegal aliens,'' said Jim Boulet Jr., executive director of English First. ``Asking Sen. Martinez to run the Republican Party is like asking Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly to run Planned Parenthood.

''Should Martinez win the RNC post, reporters will encourage him to do nothing but argue with his fellow Republicans about immigration and language issues,'' Boulet said.

Here is the Miami Herald story.

The Tallahassee Sentinel is holding out hope that a Martinez chairmanship will embrace, and return to, the conservative principles of Reagan; and at the same time promote Florida's position within the party.

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