Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Update: It looks like Ros-Lehtinen did say it! But does anyone care?

Back on December 11, we reported on the Ros-Lehtinen YouTube assassination video. The congresswoman claimed that the film must have been tampered with because she had not called for Castro assassination.

Well it now looks as if she may have after all. As we asked in our earlier post: Does it matter?

VIDEO MOMENT: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen speaks about Fidel Castro during an interview for a documentary.

The YouTube contributor has now provided the Miami Herald with a copy of the entire video. Click on the photo and follow the link on the Herald site to see the extended clip.

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen has declined to comment on this latest tape. We stand by the point we made a couple of weeks ago. Who could blame her if she did go that far? We don't!!


Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen's comments were not wrong. Would anyone denounce the assassination of Pol Pot during the tyrannical reign of the Khmer Rouge? I think not. Fidel Castro is a despot, pure and simple, and he deserves whatever fate he gets. If it is assassination, so be it. I'll still be voting for her in '08. In fact, I'll pick up a yard sign and bumper sticker.

R said...

She wasn't exactly "calling for an assassination" as you state, but merely agreeing with the reporter's implied statement. There is an important, but subtle, distinction which must be made.

But, I do agree with the above poster's comments. When the people of this country take the time to truly find out the reprehensible actions of his illegitimate regime, very few would argue against eliminating him from power. And, since is it very unlikely that he, or men of his ilk, will willingly step down from power, it would be irresponsible to "shelve" certain options out of hand. Not only would we reduce our negotiating position, but we would fail to consider that they are considering these options (without the attendant checks and balances of a democracy).