Monday, January 22, 2007

FL-13 Saga Continues - now its getting pathetic

It's been a while since we reported anything on the FL-13 situation, but we thought that you all should see this.

Tomorrow evening, while the President delivers his State of the Union address with Rep. Vern Buchanan in attendance for the first time, Christine Jennings will also be watching from inside the House chamber. U.S. Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher (D-CA) gave her one ticket allotment to Jennings, saying:

“I have invited Christine to attend the State of the Union because she should have a seat in Congress. Period.”

This sad affair has hit a new low.

Related News - Would Jennings be this bad?

Rep. Vern Buchanan is already earning high-praise in D.C., it's just not the kind of praise we would have expected.
Sure the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Americans for Tax Reform aren’t very pleased with Rep. Vern Buchanan’s early voting record. After all, he voted to raise the minimum wage and to repeal tax cuts - cardinal sins for those two groups.

But the Longboat Key Republican is already picking up new (and unexpected) friendship from environmental groups, liberal bloggers and labor unions.

Speaking of Americans for Tax Reform, just a few weeks into his first term Buchanan has already broken the ATR tax pledge that he signed:
January 18 -- Today, the House of Representatives voted to raise taxes nearly $8 billion. This is the first vote to raise taxes in 13 years and the first time a Republican has voted to raise taxes in 16 years. All four of the Democrats who pledged to their constituents not to raise taxes broke their pledge (100%). Of the 192 Republicans who pledged not to raise taxes, 28 members broke their pledge (14.6%).

That's right, Vern was one of those 28 Republicans (Rep. Illeana Ros-Lehtinen also broke the pledge). Not what we would call a great start.

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