Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More good news for Mitt

Mitt Romney held a one day fundraising push yesterday that yielded staggering results:

(AP) Mitt Romney easily surpassed his goal of raising $1 million with a major call-a-thon on Monday, raking in $6.5 million for his presidential campaign.

Just four days after leaving office as Massachusetts governor, Romney flew his national fund-raisers to Boston and had them call their network of friends and colleagues to begin collecting the estimated $100 million he seeks for a run in 2008.

We reported just a few days ago (here and here) Romney's move to secure major GOP fundraisers in Florida. Yesterday's take proves that his financial dominance is really nationwide.

While both Giuliani and McCain lead Romney in early polling, they both know that campaign cash will make the difference as the primaries draw closer. Be assured, neither McCain nor Giuliani is comfortable today.
Take a look over at FL Peer Review for their take on how the Mormon issue will play-out. Interesting.

Related story: Ex-Gov. Gilmore Eyes GOP White House Bid

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Jim Gilmore, Virginia's former tax-slashing Republican governor, on Tuesday took the first step in a long-shot bid for the presidency.

Gilmore filed papers with the Federal Election Commission in Washington to form the Jim Gilmore for President Exploratory Committee, said his aide, Matt Williams. (read more)

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J Thomas said...

Hey... did you know that you can get your own Fundraiser ID for Mitt and get credit for bringing in donations? Mind you there's no "cut" or "percentage" but you do get recognition... AND your help elect Mitt... which IMHO is a good thing.