Thursday, January 11, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

Special session. Property insurance. New direction in Iraq. Property tax cuts. Gators are national champs. Even Trump vs. Rosie. There is obviously much to talk and write about this week.

So why spend so much hot air on a non-story? I'm, of course, talking about Gov. Crist's decision to make his own appointments in his own administration.

Here's a selection of what was produced yesterday on the topic:

Crist Rejects Roster of Appointments - Orlando Sentinel
Crist rejects all of Bush's picks - Miami Herald
Crist withdraws 283 Jeb appointees - Naked Politics
Crist yanks 283 Bush appointees - The Buzz
Crist makes room for his own team - St. Pete Times
Crist to replace Public Service board members - Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Crist nixes Bush appointments - Tallahassee Democrat
Crist rescinds 283 Bush appointments - Palm Beach Post

You get the idea. The overriding tenor of the reporting is of Crist departing from the Bush path. Is there a rift? Is Charlie the anti-Jeb? All silly questions, but you get the idea when reading most of the stories that these are the kind of questions being formulated in the writers' minds.

The real "story" is that Gov. Charlie Crist is doing exactly the same thing that all newly elected governors do. He's putting his own mark on his new administration. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, can we please get back to Donald and Rosie!

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