Thursday, January 11, 2007

GOP Bloggers' 2008 GOP Straw Poll

GOP Bloggers has a Straw Poll working for the 2008 GOP Primary probables/possibles. You can participate right here.


Moondancermom said...

Where is Ron Paul on this poll?? If you're going to do a straw poll, you have to add ALL of the candidates. John McCain does not have a campaign left!

Hope For America!

Anonymous said...

I can't vote if Ron Paul's name ain't on the list!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I only support Ron Paul. Looks like you do not support him.

acp3 said...

Why isn't Ron Paul listed here? This poll must be part of the MSM! The Tallahassee Sentinel is about as fair and balanced as Faux News and the Cable Nazi News.

I suppose even if Paul were listed and won, you would lie about the results anyway, like so many other polls have.

Vote for Ron Paul in 2008, if you still believe in individual liberty.

Vote Ron Paul said...

Idaho is Ron Paul all the way!!