Friday, January 12, 2007

Yet another Romney post

I know it must seem as if we've become an "all Romney, all the time" blog. This is, of course, not the case. In fact, the Sentinel has yet to endorse any candidate for '08. The number of posts dealing with the Romney candidacy is a testament to the early work he has done to gain control of the momentum in Florida. In this, Gov. Romney is doing an incredible job. So now we get to the meat of this post.

William March of the Tampa Trib is reporting the addition of two more Florida GOP operatives. He also points out that, like other early Romney recruits in Florida, these two have ties to former Gov. Jeb Bush:

Romney announced that Mandy Fletcher and Marc Reichelderfer will join his exploratory presidential campaign committee.

Fletcher has been executive director of Bush issue advocacy organization, the Foundation for Florida’s Future; and was political director of the Bush-Cheney
‘04 campaign and a field coordinator for the Bush-Brogan ‘02 gubernatorial re-elect campaign.

Reichelderfer, a veteran party operative, was Florida field director for Lamar Alexander’s presidential campaign during Alexander’s all-out effort in the Florida party’s Presidency III presidential primary straw poll.

And the Romney train keeps rolling.

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