Tuesday, January 16, 2007

GOP Bloggers Straw Poll Results - Romney and Gingrich on top

The results of the January straw poll are in, and Mitt Romney has come out on top. GOP Bloggers has posted full results, including some interesting cross tab numbers.

Romney pulled in 27.4% of the 12,794 votes cast, followed closely by Newt Gingrich with 24%. Rudolph Giuliani finished 3rd with 20.9%. Full results can be seen by clicking here.

Perhaps more important to Floridians are the state numbers. Of the 622 votes cast by Florida voters, Gingrich took the top spot with 34.1%. Giuliani finished 2nd with 22.5%, and Romney rounds out the top 3 with 21.9%. Full Florida results are here.

On candidate acceptability, Gingrich led both the national and Florida polls.

This leaves only one last detail - and that's for Newt to throw his hat in the ring. We'll keep waiting.

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