Thursday, January 11, 2007

Potential problem for Romney - **Updated** Mitt Responds w/video

Mitt Romney used an appearance on's "Glenn and Helen Show" to respond to the YouTube piece on the 1994 debate (see below). (hat tip to reader Jason)

Hugh Hewitt credits Romney for his rapid response, and warns of things to come:

Romney's push-back at the YouTubing of his '94 debate with ted Kennedy --happening in rapid response fashion-- means an entire news cycle on a somewhat significant story has played out before even one newspaper reported it, with the anti-Romney forces (clearly worried about the big $ Monday and the deMint Tuesday) trying to put a stick in the spokes, and Romney's team finding a way to knock it down in the same cycle.

That's a preview of what it will be like all year.

Here's a clip of the Romney response:

Good job Governor.

We've posted a few times over the last week or so (here and here and here) on the early surge that Mitt Romney has enjoyed. Most of what we have had to say has revolved around his early fundraising success. It now looks as if Romney may have to use some of that cash to combat his early record of liberal positions.

We heard the criticism before this - Mitt has recently flipped to the conservative side on some issues - but now the YouTube attacks have begun. Hot Air had this film posted a few days ago, and now it has hit the MSM with its arrival on the site. The montage video is from Mitt's 1994 Senatorial debate against Ted Kennedy.

Here it is (I apologize to my friends over at Peer Review FL):

This is certainly not an insurmountable obstacle, but it will require the expense of time and funds. With so much good news lately for Mitt, he was bound to have a story like this sooner or later. Sooner is probably better.


jason said...

Well this would be a problem if Romney just had let it sit. Fortunately he gave a great response within minutes that can be found here

Mr. G said...

Heh, I saw this this week as well. PEER Review has a candidate review with info on this scheduled to post tomorrow morning.

And to respond to Jason, he needs to respond quickly to these. If he doesn't it floats around the internet and raises questions. With the response they ensure that many places will post his response, as you have, with the clips.

The Romney camp knows they can't hide from these criticisms, so they are doing exactly what they need to, addressing them head on and as quickly as possible.

Keep up the good work, Sentinel.