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FL Inauguration Preview

Alert: Tickets still available for inauguration events:

  • I just received an email from inauguration hq. There are tickets still available - as of Sunday evening - for both the prayer breakfast and the swearing-in ceremony.
  • For tickets go to the Residence Inn at 600 W. Gaines Street, Tallahassee.
Pre-inauguration Press Coverage:
Crist's open-door inauguration signals shift in governing style (Palm
Beach Post

TALLAHASSEE — Charlie Crist, soon to become the 44th governor of the fourth-largest state in the nation, considers himself "just a regular guy."

" 'Cause that's kind of what I am," Crist said as he prepared for Tuesday's daylong inaugural fete culminating in a down-home barbecue on the mansion lawn complemented by strains of Florida folk music.

He nixed the fancy inaugural ball. He'll wear an old, off-the-rack suit to the swearing-in ceremony. He has done away with the receiving line at the mansion.

Crist hopes the breaks with tradition demonstrate he's the "people's governor" his campaign promised. (Read more)


'Consensus builder' Crist takes office (Tallahassee Democrat)

Florida's next governor has morphed from a tough guy they called ''Chain-gang Charlie'' into an easy-going executive who calls himself ''the people's governor.''

But while his personal image has changed, Charlie Crist's public demeanor has remained the same. If Gov. Jeb Bush has been the ''e-governor,'' which on different days has stood for ''electronics'' or ''education,'' Crist could probably make the letter stand for ''equanimity.'' (Read more)


In and out of politics, friendship counts for Crist: The governor-elect values loyalty and trust (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Jeb Bush frequently chose people with strong conservative credentials from out of state to lead state agencies. But Charlie Crist, set to be sworn in as the state's 44th governor on Tuesday, has shown that his affinity for a person is as important as any political litmus test. (Read more)


Crist setting early bipartisan tone: As Florida prepares to swear in its 44th governor this week, Charlie Crist wants his first days in office to be remembered for a populist tone and bipartisan harmony. (Miami Herald)

Tallahassee - When he takes the oath of office on Tuesday, Charlie Crist will become the first Republican governor of Florida since 1874 to succeed a Republican, but he wants his first days on the job to be remembered for the way he treats Democrats -- and the public.

''Reaching across the aisle to work with people regardless of party -- that's the example I want to set and the tone -- because it's clear that's what the people want,'' said Crist, who has had 56 days since Election Day to prepare for his inauguration. (Read more)


For Crist, power comes with problems: The new governor will have to make tough decisions -- and enemies, observers say. (Orlando Sentinel)

TALLAHASSEE -- Charlie Crist has spent most of his 14-year career in state politics making people happy.

Now he has to start making people mad.

It's an inevitable fact of life for Crist, who Tuesday will be sworn in as the 44th governor of Florida.

As the state's chief executive, Crist will become the ultimate arbiter of disputes about education, insurance, taxes and more. He has to decide which laws to sign and which to veto. Amid a cooling economy, he must pick where to spend money and where to cut. (Read more)


Crist a 'people's governor' facing tough challenges (Daytona Beach News-Journal)

TALLAHASSEE -- As Charlie Crist campaigned for governor, he talked about carrying on Jeb Bush's legacy.

But when Crist is sworn into office Jan. 2, he likely will offer a leadership style that is far different from the outgoing governor.

Crist is a self-described populist who likes to call himself the "people's governor."

And while he and Bush agree on big-picture issues like cutting taxes, cracking down on crime and reforming public schools, Crist has already shown that he is more willing than his fellow Republican to work with Democrats and, at times, to challenge big business. (Read more)


This is just a sampling of stories from around the state. We will be at tomorrow's events, and look forward to reporting on everything we see and hear.

Don't forget to check back for all the coverage.


Schedule of events for Tuesday, January 2nd

**The 2007 Florida Inaugural Prayer Breakfast at Florida A&M University's Gaither Gymnasium, Tallahassee, Florida - 7:30 A.M. until 9:00 A.M - Free Ticketed Event – 2 per person

**The Official Swearing in Ceremony at The Old Capitol, East Portico, Tallahassee, Florida - 10:30 A.M. - Free Ticketed Event – 2 per person

**The 2007 Florida Inaugural Parade - Tallahassee, Florida - 1:30 P.M. - Free Event – No Tickets Required

**The Governor's Mansion "The People's House" Tour and Street Festival at The Governor's Mansion - 700 North Adams Street, Tallahassee, Florida - 2:30 P.M. until 5:00 P.M. - Free Event – No Tickets Required


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