Friday, January 05, 2007

Gov. Crist faces early political challenge

The Miami Herald is reporting that Gov. Crist may face a challenge over his selection to lead the state party:

Just days after his inauguration, Gov. Charlie Crist is facing the first challenge to his leadership -- and it's coming from the leader of his own party.

Carole Jean Jordan, chairwoman of the Florida Republican Party, was expected to endorse the governor's choice to replace her: Jim Greer, vice mayor of Oviedo and an energetic leader of Crist's campaign in Central Florida.

Instead, Jordan has distributed a letter extolling her own accomplishments -- and failing to mention Greer's name. A few of her supporters are sending out e-mail missives tearing Greer down.

Though Jordan's letter does not explicitly say she is running for reelection, it notes that the governor's choice to lead the party is only a consideration, not a mandate.

The Sentinel joins Republican officials that are calling for the chairwoman to do the right thing, stand behind the new governor.

The Miami Herald is suggesting that Jordan is hinting at her own run for reelection. This would contradict what the Buzz reported on Tuesday:

"If nominated, I will not accept"

We'll continue to follow this issue.

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