Thursday, January 04, 2007

Romney picks-up two of Florida's top GOP money men

Just a day after announcing his plans for 2008, Mitt Romney issued a press release touting a list of National Finance Co-chairs. The list of nine co-chairs included to high-powered FL fundraisers, Ambassador Mel Sembler and developer Mark Guzzetta.

Today's announcement makes clearer the print be placed on Romney's organization by former FL Gov. Jeb Bush.

Guzzetta has been a big fund-raiser for Bush, who was best man in Guzzetta's wedding. Sembler was a major cash source for Bush's successor, Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, in last fall's campaign. The pair have some company in the Romney camp, which has already drawn Sally Bradshaw, a former Bush campaign manager, Ann Herberger, Bush's finance director, and one-time Florida Republican Chairman Al Cardenas.
This should be seen by Florida Republicans as a major move by Romney. With the movement toward an earlier primary for the Sunshine State in 2008, Florida's money men will certainly play a larger role in determining the eventual presidential nominee.

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