Saturday, November 11, 2006

And Their Off

As expected, John McCain will announce this week the formation of a committee to explore a 2008 presidential run. This should set-off, over the ext few months, a series of announcements that will bring all of the major players into the race.

McCain has been making an effort to allay concerns among conservatives that he would not adequately represent their positions. Commenting on Republican setbacks in the midterm elections - from NewsMax:

"We came to Washington to change government and government changed us,"
lamented McCain. "We departed rather tragically from our conservative

I am not yet convinced that McCain is committed to conservative principles enough to warrant the movement's support. This probably depend on who else gets in the race. Does Newt Gingrich have a chance to win? Will Condoleezza Rice decide to run? Frist, Huckabee, etc?

McCain's announcement this week should open the flood gates - and start the sorting-out process.

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