Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How do you like me now? - "Alot!!"

He "strode into a Democratic caucus gathering like he owned the place." Who is it you ask - why it's Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman.

From the NY Times (I know, but its intelligence gathering):

“It was all very warm, lots of hugs, high-fives, that kind of stuff,” said Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon marveled, “One senator after another kept coming up and shaking his hand.”

And Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas noted, “I gave him a hug and a kiss.”

Mr. Lieberman received a standing ovation at a caucus luncheon after Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who is poised to become the majority leader, declared, “We’re all family.
This is the same party that only a few months ago tossed him over board, a fact that is not lost on Lieberman's son:
These would be many of the same good friends “who were happy to leave my dad by the side of the road,” as Mr. Lieberman’s son, Matthew, put it in an election night speech.
And we shouldn't forget Joe's good friend (no really they were) Chris Dodd and his reaction to the whole sad affair:
“We all make decisions, and those decisions have consequences.”
Not dire enough Sen. Dodd, not dire enough.

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