Thursday, November 16, 2006

Carville Calling for Dean's Head

NewsMax is reporting that Democratic strategist James Carville is calling for the firing of DNC chairman Howard Dean. Carville is unsatisfied with the number of Congressional seats picked-up by Democrats, saying that Dean refused to spend DNC dollars:

Carville, meeting with political reporters Wednesday morning, said Democrats could have picked up as many as 50 House seats, instead of the nearly 30 they have so far.
But Dean’s Democratic National Committee did not spend some $6 million it could have used in so-called "third tier” House races against vulnerable Republicans, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

Carville is also bitter over Dean's refusal to meet with him during the campaign:
Carville said he tried to meet with Dean to push for additional spending for Democrats in the last days of the campaign, but Dean declined.
If it happens, we'll miss you Howard.

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