Monday, November 27, 2006

Gingrich: Post-Saddam Campaign Has Failed

Appearing on Hannity & Colmes, Newt Gingrich said that the current campaign in the Iraq war is failing. Rather than advocating - like most that are commenting on the war - an exit strategy, Gingrich instead would like to see the development of a 3rd campaign.

Writing today on Human Events Online, Gingrich expressed skepticism over the Baker-Hamilton Commission:

Will the Baker-Hamilton Commission make a real contribution in helping us win the war against the Fanatic wing of Islam? Or will it be simply one more establishment effort to hide defeat so the American political system can resume its comfortable insider games without having to solve real problems in the larger world?

Gingrich offered 11 key questions that must be asked when assessing any Baker-Hamilton Report:
    1. Does the Commission Have a Vision for Success in the Larger War
      Against the Dictatorships and Fanatics Who Want to Destroy Us?
    2. Does the Commission Recognize That the Second Campaign in Iraq Has Been a Failure?
    3. Does the Commission Recognize the Scale of Change We Will Need to Adopt to Be Effective in a World of Enemies Willing to Kill Themselves in Order to Kill Us?
    4. Does the Commission Describe the Consequences of Defeat in Iraq?
    5. Does the Commission Understand the Importance of Victory?
    6. Does the Commission Define What It Means to Win, or Simply Find a Face-Saving Way to Lose?
    7. Does the Commission Acknowledge That Winning Requires Thinking Regionally and Even Globally?
    8. Any Proposal to Ask Iran and Syria to Help Is a Sign of Defeat. Does the Commission Suggest This?
    9. Does the Commission Believe We Can 'Do a Deal' With Iran?
    10. Does the Commission Believe We Are More Clever Than Our Enemies?
    11. Does the Commission Recognize the Importance of Working With the Democratic Majorities on a Strategy for Victory?
Newt expounds on each of these questions and offers advice/warnings about potential answers.

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