Friday, November 10, 2006

Quick Hits

Republican Lincoln Chafee
I agree with Michelle Malkin - "good riddance" to Lincoln Chafee. After losing his bid for re-election in Rhode Island, Chafee said that he hasn't "made any decisions" as to whether he'll remain a Republican.

Republicans are in the situation their in because of its move away from its conservative base. Chafee personifies this problem.

Chafee has said that he remains opposed to the confirmation of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, effectively killing any chance of getting Bolton confirmed before the end of the year.

Again - good riddance!

Leading (or Leaving) the Party

Who will lead the party into the presidential election year? Fox News is reporting that Ken Mehlman has confirmed that he'll step-down when his term expires in January.

The Washington Times reports that RNC leaders have offered the post to Maryland's Lt.-governor Michael Steele, who lost his U.S. Senate race.

Someone has to take the fall.

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