Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday News Show Wrap-up

Updates as I get them.

Fox News Sunday:
John Kerry: It was the Republican Attack Machine

  • Well, it looks like the vast right-wing conspiracy is back at it again. As he tried to deflect questions about his pre-election gaff, Chris Wallace did not allow John Kerry to weasel his way out of addressing the scandal. Continuing to avoid taking responsibilty for what he said, Kerry blamed the "Republican attach machine" for the problems that have dogged him over the weeks since he made his "botched joke" statement about the education level of our troops in Iraq. See video at HotAir.
Newt Gingrich puts-off presidential run talk
  • Newt Gingrich confirms that he'll make no decision on a run for the presidency until September. Gingrich said that he will instead focus on his current policy development initiatives. (Sentinel Note: He scheduled to speak in New Hampshire on November 27 and December 15.)
  • On the question about the wisdom of the GOP House leadership elections, Gingrich suggest reserving judgement. He points out that Boehner was an active member of the 1994 group that engineered the Republican Revolution, and also reminds that he had held the majority leader post for only the last few months.

Face the Nation

  • Charlie Rangel intends to introduce legislation to reinstate the draft. He gets his own post. See video here.
  • Republican Lindsey Graham (SC) disagrees.

Meet the Press

  • Freshmen Democratic Senators Jim Webb (VA) and Jon Tester (MO) discuss the economy and Iraq. No big news.

This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos (see video here)

  • McCain talks about his positions on gay marriage and abortion. On gay marriage, McCain says he supports laws which outlaw gay marriage. Though he maintains that we should protect the civil rights of all Americans, he feels that specific legislation for homosexuals is unnecessary. He believes that the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military is working.
  • On abortion, he supports the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Calling himself a Federalist, he believes the issue should be left up to the states.
  • On Iraq, McCain believes that the failure to adhere, from the beginning, to the "Powell Doctrine" has led to the current problems.
  • McCain stands by his call for more troops in Iraq, saying to do otherwise is "immoral."
  • Though he voted twice against the Bush tax cuts, he now says that he supports extending them. To do otherwise, McCain says would amount to voting for a tax increase. Sees no inconsistency his his position.

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