Tuesday, November 21, 2006

FL-13: Are the people being served?

For the last two weeks, while the incoming freshmen of both parties were in Washington setting up their staffs and offices, Vern Buchanan has been distracted by the recount that delayed the calling of his race.

To date, the Sentinel has refrained from criticizing election officials or Democrat Christine Jennings. However, at this point I must agree with Buchanan that the race has been certified and he is the winner. While I agree that a re-evaluation of voting procedures is in order, I don't believe that the best interest of the people of the 13th district is being served by prolonging this process.

(Sarasota Herald-Tribune) "I need to be putting together a staff," Buchanan, 54, said during his first sit-down interview since election night. "My energy should be spent on the transition, not on having to look over my shoulder."

Earlier on Monday, the distraction was clear when he held a press conference with a decidedly campaign-like feel calling on Jennings to concede the 13th Congressional
District race. Not far from the podium stood Buchanan's campaign manager, his
Tennessee-based campaign consultant and a campaign spokesman.

"I am calling on Christine Jennings to stop listening to the high-paid lawyers and special interest groups who have hijacked this process to advance their own agenda -and to listen to the people," Buchanan said. "The people have spoken and I have
won this election."

Christine Jennings should stand-down and beginning preparing for - what I certain will materialize - a rerun in two years.

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