Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hoyer Wins - Sentinel Endorsement Not a Factor

Rep. Steny Hoyer was just elected House majority leader. Apparently the Dems are not reading the Sentinel. Hoyer was elected over Rep. John Murtha on a vote of 149-86.

Hoyer's victory will surely be seen as a blow to Pelosi's control over rank and file Democrats.

The balloting marked a personal triumph for him, but also a snub to Pelosi, moments after the rank and file selected her unanimously to become speaker when the House convenes in January. (from NewsMax)
How will Pelosi and Hoyer work together? Does this spell trouble for Democrats:
Pelosi and Hoyer have long had a difficult relationship. The two ran against each other in a leadership race several years ago. Pelosi won, but Hoyer rebounded more than a year later when he was elected the party's whip. (AP)
This is what Erick Erickson from RedState is saying:
This is a huge blow to Nancy Pelosi. Now there will surely be intra-party warfare. Sweet!
Florida Cracker is sounding off (with bonus Mel talk):
Oh, dear. Things aren't working out for new Speaker of the House Pelosi. Despite inserting herself in the selection of House Majority Leader and attempting to strong-arm the incoming freshman class of Democratic reps into voting for John Murtha, he has been resoundingly defeated by her arch-rival Steny Hoyer.
Murtha was a terrible choice for such an important position, and she's getting a well-deserved smack for having made it. Would that the Republicans give one to President Bush for his equally ludicrous choice of Mel Martinez for head of the RNC.
Hoyer Humiliates Pelosi, Defeats Murtha, 149-86

We'll keep following the fallout.

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