Friday, November 17, 2006

FL-13 Update: No Change Today, Except for Attitudes

While the 4th day of the recount has yielded little change in the results of the District 13 race, partisan rhetoric was on the rise.

(Sarasota Herald-Tribune) National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Tom Reynolds issued a statement on Thursday calling on Jennings to concede the race.

"In every counting of the votes in the 13th District, Vern Buchanan has been declared the winner," said Reynolds, who last year bought a house in southern Manatee County.

Buchanan's campaign also released a statement on Thursday in which Buchanan supporters called on Jennings to concede.

Jennings' campaign staff questioned the timing of comments from Reynolds and the Buchanan camp because the recount is still ongoing.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also weighed in as it continued a fundraising drive to help Jennings pay legal bills.

Spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod said the DCCC would maintain a presence in the recount until every voter who intended to vote for Jennings has their vote counted.
Also continuing today was the awkward situation in Washington, where both Jennings and Buchanan are bringing treated by the parties as full members.
Democrats in Congress are treating Jennings like a full member. On Thursday, Jennings was given a full vote in the leadership elections, which she used to vote for Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, to be the majority leader.
You mean she didn't vote for Murtha. How can she be trusted!

As the Herald-Tribune has said, this situation will surely lead to a review of voting by the Legislature. Looks like another idea for Speaker Rubio to add to the list (unless it's already there).

Are these the Dems who could not read the ballot?

In a related story, the Herald-Tribune reports that citizens (read Dems) are hopping mad.
Here's one:
"How many thousands and thousands of Americans have lost their lives over the years to guarantee us the right to vote," she said, near tears.

"And now this, the possibility that all the votes weren't counted. I tell you, I've had enough."

And another:
"I'll tell you this," said Cheri Potts, who works for the Sarasota Police Department, "this election is not over."

And another:
"We were in Brazil in September when their election was going on and we left because of all the nastiness in that campaign. Then we come back to this. I tell you, it made me ashamed to tell my family and friends in South America about what is going on here."

And another:
"What is this that you shouldn't talk about the possibility of conspiracy theories," she (Lynn Kalish) said. "A conspiracy of some kind is evident to me. And the only thing that's going to satisfy me is a revote."
There goes the "C" word.
And another:
"I think every race in the whole county ought to be voted again," said Marion Mendelson of South Venice. "I mean we know this one was screwed up. Who knows what else?"
Well at least there was one friendly in the room:
"Eh," shrugged Dominick Falconetti, a Republican who is no fan of Vern Buchanan -- he favored Tramm Hudson, who lost to Buchanan in the primary -- but feels that he will be the next congressman from Florida's 13th district.

"They're grasping at straws," he said, which is "what Democrats do. And I was a Democrat up in New York for 25 years, so I know what I'm talking about.

"I came tonight just to make sure things didn't get too one sided," said Falconetti, scanning the room for his next interviewer.
It should get interesting over the next few days. Stay tuned......

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Anonymous said...

In reference to the Dist. 13 race, isn't it interesting that there were reports of voting problems in many races all over the US that the Dems won election, but the only one that was contested was the close race that the Dems lost. Is this sour grapes or does the word CRYBABIES seem appropiate.