Friday, November 17, 2006

Pelosi's Big Day......or Was It?

This is some of the reaction to Pelosi's first test - and loss - over the majority leader race:

NYT - "Pelosi Rebuffed Over Her Choice for Majority Leader"

NYT Editorial - "Nancy Pelosi has managed to severely scar her leadership even before taking up the gavel as the new speaker of the House."

AP - "For Pelosi, a win, followed by a loss"

Washington Times - "House Democrats yesterday overwhelmingly rejected Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi's choice for majority leader."

Washington Post - "House Democrats elected Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (Md.) the new majority leader yesterday over strong opposition from Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), exposing a deep political divide even before the party takes control."

Times (London) - "Democrat Image Dented Already By Leadership Battle"

Congressional Democrats voted by a margin of 149-86 to elect Steny Hoyer as their House Majority leader — effectively the Speaker’s deputy — despite Ms Pelosi’s aggressive and unprecedentedly active canvassing of support for John Murtha, a rival candidate.
LA Times - "Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) was elevated to the pinnacle of congressional power Thursday as fellow Democrats formally made her their choice as the next House speaker. But the same colleagues gave Pelosi a brusque lesson in the limits of her power when they rejected her choice for second in command."

And there are many more.

Only on Planet Huffington do we get this:
Murtha Loses ... But It's Still a Victory for Pelosi

Talk about out of touch!!

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