Thursday, November 16, 2006

Murtha Backers: Licking Wounds and Making Nice

The cut-and-run crowd is mourning the loss of John Murtha. Quick out of the gates following the election of Rep. Steny Hoyer over Murtha is dear Arianna:

For all the reasons I've made abundantly clear, I would've loved to see Murtha as Majority Leader. But he remains the Democratic leader on Iraq -- and we need his unwavering voice on the war out there more than ever, as the debate on Iraq threatens to enter the twilight zone.
I not sure that Murtha is up to continuing the fight. He seems to be resigned to little tasks (hat tip to Blogs-of-War):
"I didn't have enough votes and so I'll go back to my small subcommittee I have on appropriations," Murtha said after the vote.
Arianna on what the loss means for Pelosi:

It bodes well for Pelosi that was willing to spend her political capital right off the bat -- especially on the issue that will define her time at the helm. Far too many modern politicians save their political capital until it's lost all its value.

Does that mean that her time at the helm is already defined with an embarrassing loss.

While Dems lick their wounds, some conservative bloggers are mourning the loss of Murtha.

It now appears that the Dems are ready to kiss and make-up. See HotAir for the video.

Let's hope we have a better day tomorrow.

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