Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blogging for Bolton - Join the Fight

Great Big Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin - check out what she has to say here.

Democrats have committed to blocking any renomination of John Bolton.

FoxNews.com-With Democrats capturing control of the next Congress, Bolton's chances of winning confirmation appear slim at best. In fact, last week the incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, said he saw "no point in considering Mr. Bolton's nomination again."

Conservative (read: rational) bloggers are taking things into their own hands. It is important that Americans, particualry Republicans and conservatives, do not allow this issue to pass from the scene without a fight. Click on the link below for information and to make phone calls. make as many as you can (2,970 by this posting time).

John Bolton Phone Bank

HotAir is Videoblogging for Bolton - check it out and spread the link.

Rosett is proposing Fundraising for Bolton - as has Hugh Hewitt - and Michelle Malkin - and now the Tallahassee Sentinel is adding our name.

What are editorial boards saying?
Chicago Sun-Times:
Bolton has done an exemplary job at the U.N. He succeeded in getting resolutions to impose sanctions on North Korea; he brokered a Security Council resolution to end the war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

If the Democrats are genuine about working in a collegial manner with the president, they will endorse Bolton: He has turned out to be far more co-operative than divisive. He is, in fact, an able diplomat.
New York Post:
That would be a tremendous loss for America's diplomatic efforts. And it would send exactly the wrong signal to the nation's enemies - who were rejoicing last week and feeling emboldened in the wake of the Dems' victory Tuesday.

Democrats have an obligation to demonstrate conclusively to America's enemies that they don't have allies on Capitol Hill. By moving so swiftly to torpedo John Bolton, they've sent precisely the opposite signal.
Michelle Malkin has more editorials.
See Atlas Shrugs for Cavuto on Bolton and Norm Coleman on Bolton and more.

OK, here's Cavuto on Bolton:

Remember to make those calls at John Bolton Phone Bank

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Anonymous said...

This piece on theBolton issue is very clear and to the point. The fact that Biden as already gone far left and political with this ils discusting. If not
Bolton who has been at the wheel 24/7 then WHO? He has as much chance of becoming President as I have.