Friday, November 17, 2006

Rubio Says That "Ideas" Will Rule in FL House

Incoming FL House Speaker Marco Rubio says that his "100 Ideas" campaign will be the driving force when he takes over next Tuesday.

(AP) Rubio, R-Coral Gables, held meetings across the state to take suggestions from the public. They are in a book, 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future, to be released Monday.

Rubio disclosed 20 of the proposals at a news conference.

Some "aren't the kinds of things that you would traditionally associate with heated debate in politics, but they are the kinds of things people talk about on a daily basis," he said - things that "real people worry about over the water cooler, over the dinner table, on the way to work."

Energy-saving ideas include creating a fund that would offer loans to local governments, public schools, hospitals and care institutions for projects to improve energy efficiency.
Also, offer tax incentives to encourage homeowners and businesses to buy efficient appliances and systems and for hybrid and alternative fuel-powered vehicles.

Crime ideas include denying registered sex offenders and stalkers access to computer networking sites used by children.

Other proposals include public-private partnerships to expand after-school programs, and rewards for doctors who use technology to reduce errors, improve efficiency or achieve better outcomes at lower cost.

In August 2006, Florida legislators gathered for the Statewide Policy Summit to discuss issues and develop policy. Citizens were given the chance to voice their concerns and ideas.
Guests were also given an opportunity to discuss key issues, a chance to meet with influential policy makers, and an exclusive invitation to attend breakfasts and luncheons with keynote addresses by Former United States House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Governor Jeb Bush, Former Vice-Presidential Candidate Jack Kemp, and Florida House Speaker Allan Bense.
Looks like an impressive line-up - further evidence that Newt is making the rounds. Hopefully a sign of things to come from the former Speaker.

We look forward to another legislative session with GOP control of Florida's government.

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